Phone: +64 21 645 003
  • Location:
    103 – 107 Mandeville Street, Riccarton, Christchurch
  • Date:
    2011 to 2013

Malcolm Smith Consulting has been closely involved in this residential development, and has provided Advisory and Facilitation services relating to

  • Control and overview of the Subdivision process.
  • Coordination of the technical tasks and activities carried out by others.
  • Direct preparation of the Resource Management subdivision consents.
  • Overview of all Legal Survey work over the 4 stages of the development.
  • Attending to the approvals and clearances for the main Right of Way in accordance with the subdivision consent conditions.
  • Assisting with the calculation of Development Contributions, and the timing for payments through the 4 stages of the development.
  • Liaison with the Solicitor on legal documentation details and the issue of new Certificates of title.

The development has involved the progressive subdivision of the overall property through 4 stages, and in sequence with the construction of the 12 residential apartments. Fee-Simple allotments have been created about each apartment, and party wall, services and Right of Way easements have been provided as necessary.