Phone: +64 21 645 003
  • Location:
    Peterborough Street, Christchurch
  • Date:
    2012 - present

Malcolm Smith Consulting is presently working for the client and developer of a residential apartment development within the Christchurch Central City Area. This development is virtually the first significant residential development within the Central City following the major Earthquake activity.

The development involves 15 residential apartments on three levels. Each apartment is to be Unit Titled to enable separate ownership.

Malcolm Smith assisted with the early definition of the property boundaries. The underlying three land parcels were extremely old and poorly defined, and this necessitated a full resurvey to determine a modern and reliable definition. In addition, the earthquake activity created some further distortions to the perimeter boundaries that had to be addressed and redefined.

Malcolm has recently obtained subdivision consent for the Unit titling of the development, and is now facilitating the Unit title subdivision exercise. This involves the completion of the legal survey work as the main building is constructed. There is also close coordination of the civil site works and services reticulations as these aspects are required by the subdivision consent as well as the building consent.

The aim is to complete the subdivision and have new Certificates of Title issue for all apartments at the same time as the physical development is completed and purchasers are able to take occupation. This coordinated outcome requires good management of both processes and close attention to detail.