Advising and facilitating on land development and subdivision

Land Development

In New Zealand the traditional Land Development project has involved the conversion of rural or undeveloped properties to new residential, industrial and commercial allotments.


Subdivision is a process whereby an existing parcel of land (often referred to as an allotment) is either divided into two or more new parcels, or reshaped/resized to some extent. It is all about the change or alteration of land parcels, and the resulting issue of new Record of Title for these.

Project Facilitation

We use this term to best describe the control and coordination of the processes that sit within the Land Development and Subdivision spaces.

Resource Management Act

Since the 1990’s The Resource Management Act (RMA) has been in effect and has influenced and to a degree controlled Land Development and Subdivision within New Zealand.

Land Law

Beyond The Resource Management Act, New Zealand has a suite of “land’ based legislations that control and influence Land Development and Subdivision. These legislations are quite specific in nature and deal with a range of issues and matters that are of relevance to those dealing in Land Development and Subdivision.

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