Malcolm Smith Consulting provides advisory and facilitation services in the Land Development space, and guides clients through the process as necessary.

Land Development is a term that is often referenced to a project that primarily focuses on land. The project often involves a change of use of the land, or an intensification of the existing uses.

In New Zealand the traditional Land Development project has involved the conversion of rural or undeveloped properties to new residential, industrial and commercial allotments. The land is developed in so far as bulk earthworks are carried out, new roads are constructed, services are laid out and the new allotments are levelled and contoured in preparation for the ultimate construction of new buildings and the like.

However, Land Development projects can also involve redevelopments about existing established properties, urban renewals, commercial area upgrades, rural farm rationalisations to name a few.

The Land Development exercise generally involves a number of processes that together enable the conversion of the original property to the final development outcome. These processes can be described as follows,

  • Define a Development Concept or Proposal.
  • Apply for and obtain the Statutory Consents and Approvals.
  • Undertake the Physical Construction Works.
  • Attend to all of the conditions attaching to the Statutory Consents and Approvals.
  • Complete the Legal Requirements