Malcolm Smith Consulting has expertise in the Subdivision space, and can ensure that the new Record of Title is correct, complete and thoroughly in terms of the outcomes embodied within the development concepts.

Subdivision is a process whereby an existing parcel of land (often referred to as an allotment) is either divided into two or more new parcels, or reshaped/resized to some extent. It is all about the change or alteration of land parcels, and the resulting issue of new Records of Title for these.

It closely relates to Land Development in so far as many if not most Land Development projects involve the creation of new land parcels, or at least the alteration of existing land parcels.

Subdivision of land in New Zealand is controlled by statute, and there are a number of legislations that come into play.

  • The Resource Management Act generally controls the Consents and Approvals to subdivide.
  • The Survey Act controls the completion of the Legal Surveys that define the new land parcels.
  • The Land Transfer Act generally controls the legal documentation that is required to complete a subdivision and enable new Records of Title to issue for the new land parcels.