Company Focus

Malcolm Smith Consulting is a small consultancy that focuses on providing specific and strategic advice and facilitation in the areas of land use, land development and subdivision. The business has been borne out of an identified need for developers, and others, to have an advisor and business mentor who will:

  • partner them through the entire development from inception to completion,
  • understand and respond to the key drivers of their development,
  • provide sound understanding and explanation of land ownership and law,
  • understand the statutory processes that control their development,
  • scope the activities and tasks,
  • focus on the overall coordination and control of the process,
  • bring to bear sound and practical thoughts and actions, as well as experience and expertise borne from many years of involvement in the land development and subdivision space in New Zealand.

Introducing Malcolm Smith


Malcolm is a consultant and advisor to people and businesses who are involved in, or undertake, subdivision and land development activities in New Zealand.  He is focused on the advisory role rather than attending to all of the technical tasks that are required for subdivision and land development. As an extension of this Malcolm is also focused on facilitating the processes that influence and control subdivision and land development. Malcolm has been continuously involved in land development and subdivision activities in New Zealand for 28 years.

Malcolm holds the Registered Professional Surveyor status, and is a full member of the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors as well as being a member of the Consulting Surveyors of New Zealand.


Malcolm has extensive experience in land development, subdivision and legal survey activities in New Zealand with a focus on project management and coordination of new land developments and subdivisions and cadastral surveys for both urban and rural purposes. He has considerable experience and expertise with current resource management and land related legislation as they primarily relate to subdivisions and land development projects. He is also very knowledgeable in land law matters as they impact on land development and subdivision.

His experience includes many multi-lot residential, industrial and commercial developments, urban “infill” developments and rural farm surveys and subdivisions. Malcolm has significant and specific experience with “stratum titles and ownership” as well as the more typical “fee-simple ownership”.

His focus is on the establishment of the overall development concept, then the control and coordination of the tasks and activities comprising the inputs into the processes that facilitate the development.  Malcolm has a strong focus towards the primary design and evaluation of subdivision proposals and land development projects. Following on from this, he facilitates the preparation of the subdivision and other related applications to enable the necessary local authority approvals and consents to issue.  He then overviews the detailed tasks and other activities to ensure that they are well integrated and coordinated within the main development process.

Memberships and Qualifications