Malcolm Smith Consulting provides services in the following areas:

  • advice on Regional, City and District Plans as they relate to Land Use, Land Development and Subdivision
  • preparation of development outlines and concepts
  • preparation of consent applications relating to Land Development and Subdivision
  • explanation of land titles and ownership in New Zealand, together with a general overview of New Zealand Land Law relating to Land Development and Subdivision
  • advice on the processes that control and facilitate Land Development and Subdivision
  • management and coordination of the various tasks and activities that comprise these processes
  • advice on the timing/time frames for the completion of Land  Developments and Subdivision
  • independent assessment of Land Developments and Subdivisions being carried out by others
  • assistance with development cost estimating, related to identification of the component tasks that comprise the suite of activities required for the development.  Malcolm Smith Consulting does not provide cost estimates for the identified activities as such